In Home Training

     We understand that some people aren’t into the whole gym scene.  If that is you, then our In-Home personal training could be exactly what you are looking for!

     The workout is accomplished in the comfort of your own home, our NASM Certified Trainer will come to you when its convenient for you!  Therefore you can avoid any uneasiness that many people feel when going into a gym! There is no need for over priced machines to get you to your goals.  If you do not have any equipment, we will bring the equipment to you, which easily fits in a living room.

What to expect from PHX Rising Fitness:
           All sessions will be at the comfort of your own home or Apartment
          Gym.  If thats what you want!
          All programs are specifically tailored to your specific goals and needs.
         Goal setting strategies
         Habit transforming strategies
         & much more

Online Training

     Ok, lets face it not everyone has the ability or time to work one-on-one with a Personal Trainer.  
     At PHX Rising Fitness LLC, we’re putting the flexibility of your physical fitness within your busy schedule. We offer you the best in On Line Training. With our state of the art application, our trainers will customize workouts for you that will help you achieve the goals you desire. Our trainers are always monitoring your progress. Every time you complete workout and save the data, our trainers receive a message to let them know that you have completed one of the assigned workouts. Our clients can message their trainer via the app and can expect a prompt response.
         Our team trains clients all over the world remotely with our custom training app. This option is perfect for those that cannot train in person, but want the direction and expertise of a Certified Trainer. We pay attention to exactly what you want and need to ensure you still see incredible results. Through our programs, nutrition, real-time messaging, exercise videos and descriptions, you will have access to a trainer in the palm of your hands at all times.​We understand that other online programs deliver just random exercise PDF’s, cookie-cutter nutrition, and no personable accountability… Which is why we went above and beyond with our online training experience. We truly care about your results. 

What to expect from PHX Rising Fitness:
          Weekly check in’s and daily accountability
          Exercise program tailored to you
         Goal setting strategies
         Nutritional guidance
         & much more