Phoenix Rising Fitness

The myth of The Phoenix is very well known.

There are many theories as to when and where the myth of The Phoenix started.  Some say as early as Ancient Greece, while others say as early as Ancient Egypt.Some say as early as Ancient Greece, while others say as early as Ancient Egypt. It is known that the mythical creature rises from its own ashes to live once again. What most people do not know is that The Phoenix lights its own funeral pyre. It is said that The Phoenix lives for a few hundred years before it feels the end coming near. When this happens, The Phoenix will build a nest with the finest aromatic woods, and then sets the nest on fire. It is engulfed in the flames it created, only to rise from the ashes of its former self, young, and powerful. The Phoenix knows when its time is coming to an end. It willingly lights itself on fire to be reborn again into the young, beautiful, and powerful being it was once before. The Phoenix represents rebirth and immortality.

The Phoenix is our symbol here. We believe that you can have the body you once had or even be better than before. With our help we can coach you to rise from the ashes of your former self.  But like The Phoenix, you have to be willing to light that fire yourself. Only you can do it. We can help you with rebuilding yourself, but like The Phoenix, you are the one that does the work. We can only guide you.